Random Rambles

Understanding past relationships and the aftermath of it

We as individual are one world alone. We live in a huge world but when we get alone all we have is our mind body and spirit. Practices such as yoga and meditation helps all of it connect. When it connects its like it preparing the mind to figure out and answer questions that we don’t understand later on in life. It helps up learn and pick up on things faster than the average mind.

When we get around other world, people, we are forced into knowing what to do when we actually don’t have a clue. That first look at that persons face is the only thing that we know at that moment because we are so used to looking at different faces and it like ok, this person looks easy to deal with. Once that person open their mouth that is something else we think we know about but we don’t. Different sounds, different word come out of that persons mouth each day. Maybe different words or languages don’t come out their mouth , it may be the same everyday. Then you yourself began to underestimate that person because you don’t think they know anything but it goes deeper and deeper inside the mind. That person may not be smart in one area such as speaking but that person may know something that you have never encountered with the year of you being on this earth. It goes the same with each individual, you could live with that person, get used to that person and finally think you have that person all figured out but you don’t . You just have gotten used to all off the things that person has repititiously let out over time.


Why is it when we encounter that person that we are attracted to, over time it begins to feel as if they are strangers to you? It is because when we get further and further into their world trying to grasp hold of everything , you see hear and feel. Then you just get overwhelmed and you began to stop understanding that person because you want all the problem in their world to go away because you are not familiar or its not something that coincides with your world. Then you are confused and your mind get stuck and its hard to listen to everything that your mind is telling you, then u eventually find or look for something to shut it off or just try and make it go away. That’s what I am dealing with.

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