I sat there unable to breath I was so overwhelmed with emotion. My hear ached, so many questions went through my head, Why am I so overwhelmed? why cant I just relax? why do I feel like shit? All the noise in my head was so loud I couldn’t even feel myself crying. After we had sex, I dont understand why I became so overwhelmed with emotion. It all happened so fast. Maybe I went too fast or maybe he went too fast. What is happening? I didnt understand why I even began dating to begin with. I dont even know what I want from these guys. Id rather deal with myself and not have them or anyone deal with me at all, its annoying and overwhelming and sometimes people are too uptight and scared, I mean Im scared but why?

My energy and my thoughts were so loud, I felt him watching me as I sat there dealing with the chaos in my head.

“you okay?” he asked. I froze. I truly believe he paralyzed me with his voice.

I didnt even get a chance to respond he just said ” come here”. I didnt know what to do with those words, I didnt know how to respond to that or react. My mind was imprisoning me but he wasnt going to let time go by without getting to the root of the problem. I didnt move fast enough for him so he moved closer to me. I watched his beautiful eyes lock with mine. touch my face and I fell weak into his power. He touched his bottom lip to mine not kissing me but waiting for me to respond before he took over and kissed me.

Of course I kissed him back, I couldn’t help it, he had me. He took everything away from me just like that but all I could do was think. He kissed me so hard, It was full of passion as if he knew exactly what he needed to do to take all chaos away. he kissed my neck, he kissed my chest, he took me without hesitation, not wanting to let go.

He stopped with his lips still close to my skin and said “Don’t think so much”. I almost responded in the most awkward way until he kissed me where I felt his words, I moaned, he felt so good and I couldn’t and didn’t want to say anymore. His hand was in between my thighs while he had my breast in the other and his lips and body just took over me. He wasn’t letting me go and I didn’t want him to.

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